Welcome to Transition Hope!

Our mission is to help people. 

Transition Hope is dedicated to helping people walk through the stage of life when their parents need more help. 

As our parents grow older their needs increase.  This can cause stress, tension, and fear.  The burden of big decisions can weigh heavily.  Few people are prepared for this stage of their parents’ lives, and it is often difficult to talk about.  You are not alone.

Transition Hope is here to help with resources for every stage of transition.  You can listen, you can learn, you can ask questions.  Receive help and support from others who have gone down this path before you. 

Transition Hope can help you with resources addressing issues including:

  • Difficult Conversations: How to approach touchy topics with your parents
  • Difficult Decisions: What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • Memory Capturing: How to record and save all of the wisdom and memories!
  • Preparation: Staying ahead of the change will ease the challenges of transition
  • Emotions:  From stress to guilt… we will experience all emotions during this time

Whether your parents are in the middle of this time of need… or they are doing great and you simply want to learn and be prepared… Transition Hope is the place to access support and resources. 

The natural reaction of most people as their parents start to show their age is to NOT talk about it.  We hold the emotions and the questions inside and try to “put up a good front” for others.  You don’t need to keep these feelings inside.  Transition Hope gives you a chance to ask your questions, share your fears, and hear from others in similar situations.  We will walk with you.  We will move forward each day.  We will do it together.